EA Booth Setup

EA booth set up at Pride. If you’re down here, come by and say Hi and get an EA Pride bracelet.

Madden Mobile – Season 5

Another football season is about to begin and that means a new season to one of the mobile games I work on. Now in Season 4, the new version of Madden for iOS and Android is available today. A lot of changes for this release. Excited to see how the fans react. Over 180,000 people have downloaded it since it was released at 1:30 this afternoon.

More Culture Exchange

Taking our visitors from EA Japan to the only baseball in North Orlando.

Launch of LGBTQ Employee Resource Group

My moderating of an LGBTQ discussion with the EA Chief People Officer and the Senior Creative Director of The Sims went really well this morning. I got a lot of compliments from people at EA Redwood Shores and back in Orlando. Hoping it’s a start to really making a difference in LGBT inclusion and culture at EA.

Meanwhile at EA Redwood Shores..

Creepy life-sized Sims here at EA Redwood Shores

Culture Exchange

Two weeks ago I visited EA Romania. This week a few people from that studio who are helping us out on NBA Mobile are in Orlando. Thought we would show them what American basketball was like.

Some more photos from my recent trip to Bucharest, Romania.

Hello from EA Romania

NBA Live Team Outing to the Magic / Trailblazers game

EA Vancouver

Hello from EA Vancouver.