Section 8

Section 8 is a brand new first-person shooter created by TimeGate and published South Peak. Released September 1, 2009, Section 8 follows the 8th Armored Infantry as they take on the forces of the Arm of Orion. As lead programmer, I was the direct-line manager for 16 programmers. TimeGate was my first exposure to iterative development and I was responsible for planning the programming team’s sprints and making sure their work was complete and reviewable at the end of each two-week iteration.

On the War-Torn Planets of Tomorrow, Mankind’s Greatest Battle is About to Begin

Experience the ultimate in multiplayer combat with up to 32 players online and enlist for future warfare in the single player campaign.

  • Jetpacks take combat to a whole new level – gully customize your armor and weapons for actical advantage.
  • On-Demand Delivery of vehicles & supplies to the battlefield – where you need them.
  • Burn in to battle from 15,000 feet – and land anywhere you choose.

Screen Shots

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PC System Requirements

OS: Windows Vista SP1 / Windows XP SP3

Processor: Pentium 4 3GHz or higher

RAM: 1GB XP, 2 GB Vista

Memory: 6 GB free hard drive space

Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 7800, ATI X1800 or better with DirectX 9c, Shader 3.0, 256MB

Multiplayer requires a broadband Internet connection