I make video games. I’ve worked on a variety of titles like the critically acclaimed real-time strategy games series, Close Combat, first-person shooter, Section 8, and top-selling sports franchises, Madden NFL Football and NCAA Football.

I’ve spent the past 17 years, combining my love of technology, video games, science fiction, and sports into video games for people to enjoy on their PCs, video game consoles, and mobile devices.

Currently, I’m a Development Director for EA SPORTS working on Madden for iOS and Android.

Latest Release

Madden NFL Mobile Release 6

MaddenMobile_R6Release 6.0 of Madden Mobile went live on August 18th, 2015. It’s a whole new football season, so this update had a lot of changes in it. The biggest change was to our server back-end. We did a lot of work in order to shore up the servers so that they can withhold a heavier load. The biggest change you will notice is the whole new UI. The slide-out navigation bar helps flip between areas of the game much easier. It’s a whole new football seasons, so everyone’s team has been reset and last year’s team has been stored in the Trophy Room as a “Legacy Team”. You will be able to play with your Legacy Team in special Live Events. We will continue to update Madden Mobile. Release 6.1 was released on September 8th. It had several high profile bug and crash fixes. It fixed the head-to-head exploit which allowed the player to get an extra drive. It also introduced better passing while the QB is on the run. For more information about the other releases of Madden Mobile, see my game page. It’s never too late to pick it up in the iOS App Store, the Google Play store, and Amazon App Store.


To see a list of the games I’ve worked on visit my Games Page.