I make video games. I’ve worked on a variety of titles like the critically acclaimed real-time strategy games series, Close Combat, first-person shooter, Section 8, and top-selling sports franchises, Madden NFL FootballNCAA Football, and NBA LIVE Basketball.

I’ve spent the past 20 years, combining my love of technology, video games, science fiction, and sports into video games for people to enjoy on their PCs, video game consoles, and mobile devices.

Currently, I’m a Senior Development Director for EA SPORTS working on Madden NFL Overdrive and NBA LIVE Mobile for iOS and Android.

Latest Releases

Madden NFL Overdrive Release 23

Release 23 of Madden Overdrive went live on October 2nd. This release adds several social features. You can now add in-game friends and opponents to your friend list. You can now play Overdrive directly against your friends. The new profile screen allows you to customize your team more than ever before. Finally, you can now earn banners and show them off in head-to-head matches and on your profile screen. Release 23.1 went live on October 18th and had a few bug fixes and support of Wembley Stadium. Release 23.2 went live on November 8th and fixed a few minor bugs. For more information about the other releases of Madden Mobile, see my game page. It’s never too late to pick it up in the iOS App Store and the Google Play store.

NBA LIVE Mobile Release 11

Release 11 of NBA LIVE Mobile went live on October 4th, 2018. With this release multiple line-ups are back! There are now new line-ups for the various programs that are coming out, like Halloween. There is also now a daily login reword and improved gameplay. Release 11.1 went live on October 25th. It addressed a crash for cards that were purchased on the Auction House. For more information about this game, see my game page. Pick up the game today in the iOS App Store and the Google Play store.



To see a list of the games I’ve worked on visit my Games Page.